31 mei | English department

About 145 exam students have earned their CAE and CPE certificates, showing their excellent English skills.

"Just before the exams and May holidays we presented our sixth form students with their eagerly awaited CAE and CPE certificates. About 145 students received these certificates and a treat from their proud English teachers during classes. Many took the CAE exams - C1 ERK level - and hope to use these results in applying for university and higher education courses. Some 15 students even passed their CPE exams - C2 level, which means that they showed their English skills reached near native levels. We are very pleased that despite the Covid restrictions we were again able to invigilate the exams in our own school.

The English department is very proud of all these students, who worked hard to get the best results possible, and hope that the end of this year is as successful for them. Wishing you all the best."

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