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9 november | Inge Konradt, Catelijne van Oijen and Michel v.d. Heuvel

Help us invade Britain again ánd… visit a country outside EU! Let’s find out what the Romans brought the British in the past. Are you interested in reading Latin and/or Greek texts? And what about visiting the remains of old civilizations ánd developing your acting and presentation skills?

This is your chance to join an exclusive project

We are looking for a small group of enthusiastic and creative fourth formers who want to participate in this year’s Albion’s Shores Project. Albion’s Shores Project (short ASP) is an interdisciplinary project in which the English, Classical and Drama department work together to examine Roman and medieval England. This project starts in week 7 (12 February 2019) and will be concluded with a visit to Canterbury and Bath from May 9-12, 2019.


Please write an application letter in English, specifying first and foremost your motivation to join this trip, and make sure you add your personal information. Then go to itslearning 'Albion’s Shores 2019' and upload your letter. Deadline Sunday, 2 December 2018, 23:59 hrs.