Thimun 2015 | 06-02-2015

Ms van Oijen and Ms Joustra, MUN directors
Last week, a group of ten students of the Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden prepared for and attended The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN). The conference was held from Monday to Friday at the World Forum Conference Centre. About 3,500 students from all over the world were there to discuss resolutions to problems and issues facing the world today. Each of our students represented the country of Oman in one of the United Nations committees. What follows is an account of their experiences.

Julia Hofkes - Ambassador of Oman - General Assembly, 2nd Committee
It is my great honour as the ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman to relate to you our experience of the past week at THIMUN. The highlight of this week has undoubtedly been an encounter with a representative of the embassy of Oman. Imagine waiting for a flag parade just outside the theatre and suddenly standing right in front of an actual Omani representative. After officially receiving the flag, the task of protecting Oman’s interests was placed on our shoulders. A task we took very seriously, as we spent basically the entire week with our placard in the air, hoping to be able to speech. But, sitting in a committee with 200 delegates, each has to fight to let his country’s voice be heard. With aching arms we have tried to perform our task as best as we possibly could.

We have learned so much this week. THIMUN is truly an extraordinary experience. Instead of spending the week worrying about Math and French I spent my week ensuring food and water security and fighting corruption in development programmes, ensuring sustainable mountain development and providing affordable financial services as a tool for human development. Additionally, representing Oman has given us the ability to look at the world from an entirely different perspective, as their ideas differ very much from our Western ones. To conclude, we have been given an impression of what the real UN is like and how real world problems our solved. And we absolutely loved it.

Mojca Kloos - General Assembly, 1st Committee For the past week
I have been representing Oman in the first committee of the General Assembly. We discussed some very interesting topics, like territorial integrity of the former Soviet Republics. At first, I was quite nervous to speak in front of so many people, but as the days passed, it got less scary. It was a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to many more MUNs.

Naomi Haldar - General Assembly, 3rd Committee

On the THIMUN conference of 2015, we have been representing Middle-Eastern sultanate Oman. In my committee, which was the third section of the General Assembly (Cultural, Social and Humainitaran), me and my fellow delegates in the committee have discussed four universal issues, mostly in the great World Forum Theatre, where many real conferences have been held. There, we all made plans, voiced our opinions (if we got the chance) and listened to each other to find the solutions that could solve the issues that we had to discuss and make the world a better place.

Veerle van Dijk - General Assembly, 4th Committee

The last few days I have been representing Oman in the 4th committee of the General Assembly. We dealt with four issues: Tokelau, New Caledonia, Western Sahara and Palestinian Refugees’ properties and their revenues. Not only did I really enjoy the debate, where I was able to speech several times, I also met some amazing people from countries from all over the world, such as Japan, Italy and Ecuador.

Lisa Keurentjes - General Assembly, 5th Committee

THIMUN was a week with amazing debate, effective lobbying and a lot of new friends. THIMUN is the biggest conference in the world and the number of girls and boys I met and all their different nationalities really impressed me. I was in the GA5 and GA5 was the committee with the most awesome delegates, most awesome chair, the best admins. After this amazing week, it is now time for the post THIMUN depression.

Stephanie Teeuwen - General Assembly, 6th Committee
Last week I represented Oman in the 6th legal committee of the General Assembly. We discussed several issues such as reforming the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and defining the legal status of Kashmir. On Tuesday I gave the opening speech of Oman in the World Forum Theatre. Although it was a bit scary at first it was an amazing experience!

Rosalie van Onzenoort - Disarmament Sub-Commission 1
When one thinks of Oman, the first thing that comes to mind is Yemen. However, the opinions of Oman and Yemen were opposite to each other during the debates in the Disarmament Sub-Commission 1. The delegation of Oman encouraged all nations to use Environmental Modification Techniques freely under any circumstances. The committee did unfortunately not agree and sadly, the excellent resolution proposing the overall allowance of these techniques, as submitted by the delegation of the Marshall Islands failed. Luckily, the resolutions of the Disarmament Commission are not binding and therefore we will keep on doing as we wish.

Hannah Fase - Environment Sub-Commission 1
This week I have been representing Oman in the Environment Committee. Not my favourite committee but it still was an amazing and interesting week. Most of the topics (deforestation, coral reefs and overfishing) were not the best issues as a delegate of Oman but I still managed to be very active on the fuel on the Arctic issue. Overall it has been an amazing week and not only have I met a lot of people from all over the world including New Zealand, Georgia and the USA but the debates have been very constructive and good.

Anne Zwart - Human Rights Sub-Commission 1

This week, I have had the honour of representing Oman in the Human Rights Sub-Commission 1. It has truly been a joy to be such an interesting country in such a conceptual council. We have discussed cultural diversity, the human rights situation in Somalia, the convention on rights of people with disabilities, and child sale, pornography and prostitution. Our chairs made sure everything remained parliamentary, but a few analogies to Sesame Street and SpongeBob still managed to escape their firm policy. It has been interesting, thought-provoking and a pleasure to debate with my wonderful, diverse committee on these great issues.

Emma van Gruijthuijsen - Special Conference Sub-Commission 1
This week, being the representative of Oman in the Special Conference on evaluating the Millennium Development Goals, Subcommission 1, has been awesome! We discussed topics including gender equality, literacy, infant mortality and sustainable agriculture. But mostly, I have met new friends from all over the world. including South Korea, Spain, France, Germany and Nigeria.

THIMUN is an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience! We are very proud of all our delegates and would like to compliment them on their performance.

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