The return visit of BLEP off to a flying start… | 26-04-2010

Anne Reichart and Anjo Roos
To go or not to go: that had been our question ever since Iceland decided to rock our world just a little more. The select group of twenty fifth form students couldn´t wait to get on their way to Budapest for their return visit after a very successful first part of the programme in September earlier this school year. Still it wasn´t until Thursday evening that we took the decision to go. Upon awakening on Friday we heard the soothing sound of planes flying overhead, so off we went!
After a five hour delay our plane finally departed and the hearty welcome we got upon arrival immediately reminded us of the good contact we had already established.

Tomorrow the students can show off their debating skills when they focus on the statements “Social equality is a bigger problem than the crisis” and `War criminals should be forgiven`. The following day the programme will continue the theme which was introduced in September when students do research into the question whether Jews were better off in Holland or Hungary in the second World War.

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