Sono arrivati gli Italiani | 11-04-2010

Anne Reichart & Anjo Roos (E.E.P.)
At long last… No matter how long the E.E.P. has been part of our school programme it never becomes  routine. The excitement of the arrival of the Italian students from our partner school in Voghera had been tangible for a while, but on Friday evening we could finally pick up our guests and begin the exchange part of our internationalisation programme!

The Saturday was started with a very adventurous bicycle ride to the beach. Fortunately a collision with a car due to the strange Dutch bike without handbrakes did not put an untimely end to our trip. Later that evening, the sun still radiating from our faces, the cultural presentation allowed hidden talents to become unveiled. Several performances and good food certainly put us in the mood for the rest of the week. The Dutch group sang Christiaan’s and Sjoerd’s song, with the refrain as a fair indication of the contents of the project to be further developed this week.

In the EEP, we talk about sustainability
Trying to make this world a better place
We must save this world where we were born and raised
For the children of the future, we’re so glad that you’ve joined the EEP!

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