Science in Space - Exchange project | 15-11-2012

Charlotte Offringa and Niklas Rutsch
From Sunday to Wednesday a group of students from Germany came to Leiden. First the project science in space appeared to be just about astronomy but it turned out to be a fun social project where lots of friendships were formed fast. We did all sorts of things, from group projects about the Doppler shift, to “Korfbal” in the school gym. Maybe the sentence: “We don’t understand,” was used a little too much when making hard equations but in the end most things were clear. We visited the Unitversity of Leiden, there we all got introduced to the studies of astronomy. Of course speaking English was hard in the beginning, but it got easier as the project proceeded. But sadly, after four wonderful days, the German students must return to Münster. Now everyone is looking forward to the visit of the students of the Stedelijk Gymnasium.

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