Lemun 2016 | 23-09-2016

N. Joustra & C. van Oijen
The countdown to the start of LEMUN is nearing the 55 days mark. This year we celebrate the fact that LEMUN was founded 15 years ago. So preparations for our very own MUN conference at the Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden are in full swing. At the moment LEMUN is looking for students from our school to help with Housing, Admin staff and Catering crew.

For the younger students in our school – 1st, 2nd and 3rd form – it is possible to be Administrative staff during the LEMUN weekend of 18 until 20 November. They will help LEMUN to run smoothly by setting up the conference rooms and functioning as messengers during debate. Older students can sign up to help with the lunch preparations.

What’s more, this year we are asking the students at SGL to help us house delegates from abroad. We really need some extra beds and we would welcome some help to provide our guests with accommodation and a warm welcome.

More information can be found on the posters in school. Check out our website to see what LEMUN is all about.

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