Internationalisation EEP 2015- 2016 | 21-04-2015

Kees van Welzen & Anne Reichart
Curious after reading our logs from this year’s EEP? You can join next year’s project if you are a fourth former and haven’t yet participated in an Internationalisation project. Of course you’ll have to be in fifth form next year and your letter will have to make us want you! Participants of this year’s EEP will visit your classroom this week to give you all the information. We hope to get a pile of letters before the deadline on the 13th of May.

• You still haven’t participated in an internationalization project and want to do so before you leave school? Well this might be your opportunity!

• We are looking for a small group of enthusiast and creative fourth formers who want to participate in next year’s EEP project when they are in fifth form
• The EEP is the European Educational Project with the Liceo Scientifico in Voghera (Galileo Galilei). It focusses on the liveability of the city we inhabit and studies social and environmental problems, using sustainable means to try to solve them. • Activities to sort out the liveability consist of doing research, interviewing, presenting and debating.
• The programme will also contain social and cultural items
• The project runs for one year from June 2015 till April 2016; obviously we will not work all the time; there will be a first meeting in June, a second one in September before the exchange week, the second part of the exchange will be prepared in March and the exchange will take place in April
• The selection will take place in week 20 – deadline for the application letter is 13 May.
• The first exchange takes place in week 38 in September, we will focus on sustainability and Food as EXPO in Milan. In April we will host the Italians for the second part of the programme during which we will focus on environmental & social sustainability
• You will host an Italian student and you will be hosted in return.
• The costs of the project will be 250 euros for the first part and around 75 euros for the second part.
• Work for EEP can be used for schoolwork: e.g. PWS, preparation for English exams and Practical assignments
• An application letter needs to be written in English, specifying personal details as well as motivation – why should we choose you? What can you contribute to making the project a success?
• The deadline for sending your application letter is 13 May . The letter has to be sent by e-mail to and
• We may invite you to Socrates for a brief meeting in person
• The names of the selected students will be made public in week 21
• The new group will meet at Socrates in week 22, on 28 May – the time & place will be specified when you get the invitation
• All meetings will be held at Socrates
• Questions about the EEP can be addressed to Ms Reichart

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