Internationalisation 2014 | 05-02-2014

Anne Reichart (Internationalisation 2014)
February the first wasn’t only the day on which many future students got to get a glimpse of the possibilities at our school, it was also they day that our Italian partner school – Liceo Scientifico G. Galilei – sent its students for our exchange project; EEP (European Educational Project). The weekend was spent getting to know each other, and what better way is there than food & games! Monday however was spent quite differently. We had a theatre workshop in Rotterdam and visited sustainability projects in Utrecht, so we really got around. This full day provided us with a solid start from which we will continue working this week. The debate on Thursday and the presentations later that evening will show what the students have learnt. Our farewells on Friday will only be temporarily since we will meet again in Voghera in April!
Kees van Welzen, Giancarla Marchese & Anne Reichart

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