EEP still going strong! | 07-02-2017

Anne Reichart & Kees van Welzen
The Italians have arrived for our internationalization project EEP! Some may remember the start of the EEP back in the Stone Age, when sustainability was a word that people had to look up in a dictionary. Now after twenty years it is still a topical subject and our students didn’t have a hard time to find people to interview about the implementation of sustainability. This week about fifty fifth form students will work together on our topic using many kinds of skills. At the ice-rink they first got acquainted and yesterday we kicked off with a film workshop in EYE. The skills will involve interviewing, writing articles & speeches, doing research, presenting and finally debating in the town hall of Leiden, where we will be welcomed by the alderman of Sustainability. We hope our students will come away with knowledge about each other’s culture & our topic sustainability. In a month the Dutch will visit the partner school in Voghera and continue their contribution to the serious matter of making the world a more livable place.

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