EEP second part | 20-04-2015

Mr v Welzen & Ms Reichart
Lunedi 13 Aprile Mr van Welzen & Ms Reichart
A resit in the morning and some lessons in the afternoon before we are off to catch our flight to Italy for the visit to our Italian partnerschool in Voghera. A good thing that the pace drops as soon as we arrive and we will get the opportunity to bathe in the relaxing conception of time of the Italians for the duration of our EEP week. We will try to give an update of our days here during the week. With sustainability as our overall theme, we focussed on environmental issues in February. In Italy the focus is shifted to social issues with food as a central theme, nicely linking in the the Milan EXPO which is opening when we leave and will be part of our programme next year. We are looking forward to our time here!

Martedi 14 Aprile Isabel & Hadewych
After the – at times slightly awkward, first meeting the parents and an attempt at sleep in a strange bed in a foreign country, the Italian part of the EEP finally started. Today we did fieldwork in Turin, which had food as a central theme. In the morning we visitied the Arsenale della Pace, a former arsenal changed into a place which organised redistribution of material items such as food and medication. The volunteers also offered their time & knowledge to make the world a better place. Our free time involved strolling around and eating our first ice-cream, after which we were taken to Eataly. Eataly is a concept selling local food and presenting the Italian cucina. By cutting our the middleman the food would not cost too much, so good quality food could be had at a fair price. In the bus on our way back to Voghera we are looking forward to some food ourselves – pizza of course! – and without wanting to make you jealous, some time outside since it is 27 degrees!

15 Aprile Sophie & Roos
Today we worked on propositions for the debate on Friday. We made up questions, cons and pros, after which we started on our speech. In the two hour break we enjoyed the lovely Italian weather and saw some more of Voghera. In the afternoon the Italian students had organised a sports hall so that we could play volleyball, basketball and football; lots of fun but also very hot! The free evening we spent with our hosting families and each other. All in all, it was a very good day!

16 Aprile, Anna & Micha
After finishing some last bits of work at school the Dutch and the Italians unfortunately had to split up. While the Italians stayed at school in Voghera, we took the train to Milano! The train was comfortable, probably because we were accidentally seated first class, so we could sleep and wake up at our destination.
Since it was Salon d’Immobile in Milano this week, there were lots of things to see, such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis and fancy people. After a stroll past the Scala and the fashionable Montenapoleone shops we reached the famous Duomo. This building, decorated with many, and we repeat, many sculptures, blew our minds. A large number of tiring steps lead us to the roof. Out of breath we stepped out into the open, the beautiful gave us the fresh air our lungs had been craving for. Time for a group photo!
Spare time had arrived. Most girls went shopping, most guys went eating, but all of them enjoyed Milano in their own way.
Still we were not satisfied, our classical art loving hearts wanted to see even more; the Pinacoteca di Brera was a suitable place to go. We found a Carravagio, a Volpedo, Hayez, Boccioni and Bellini, all of which moved us and certainly satisfied our hearts.
The Italian experience was not complete of course. Via a detour through the Castello Sforzesca we had excellent pizza in the Fabricca. With our stomachs filled and feet tired, we started to miss our companions, whom we met again after a train ride to Voghera. It had been an impressive day!



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