EEP – European Educational Project | 16-02-2015

Anne Reichart & Kees van Welzen
Although not many people have been aware of the arrival of the Italians, the EEP exchange of 2015 has already been running for three days. The welcome banner in the hall of Socrates might have been a give-away! The start in the weekend and our first day of fieldwork meant we were not that visible to the rest of the school. On Saturday we had our reception at Socrates and we treated them to a typical Dutch pastime on Sunday: skating – that certainly broke the ice! The sustainability theme of the project was investigated on Monday when we visited the Centre for Innovative Sustainable Architecture in Rotterdam. We were certainly in for something special; not only did we get insight into all the possibilities to make our houses more sustainable as well as the order of the steps we had to take. We also had a sneak preview when we were shown an Ampelmann system with which safe offshore access would be possible. That very afternoon the first system was officially introduced in the harbour of Delfzijl, as we could read in the newspaper this morning! It was exciting to be part of something so newsworthy. At the film museum EYE in Amsterdam we took a film workshop. Amazed be the time that goes into making one minute of film, the students couldn’t wait to put their newly acquired skills to use! They get their opportunity today as the students are devising their own Seven Days Challenge to make individuals act more sustainably. We can’t wait to see the results later this week!
Friday the thirteenth; for some a Black Friday, but for the participants of the EEP “Footprint Friday”. The task to design your own Sustainable Challenge Day resulted in a number of interesting challenges which were presented Thursday evening, of which Footprint Friday was just one. The challenge which made most of an impression and would be most likely to succeed was “Wake (C)up”; the sustainable idea being that at least once a week a cup should be taken to school instead of using discardable cups for your drinks during that day. In order to make us take up the challenge, we were invited to design our own cups, a film and poster were made to explain the significance of the challenge and the presentation of the day’s challenge was rounded off by a song which was both good and catchy.
The EEP week, which started with the physical challenge of skating, was complemented with a morning of intense debating in the City Hall. The debate was opened by the vice- mayor and presided by last year’s EEP students. An interesting and exciting morning – for some almost too overwhelming, as stage fright took hold. Still a lot had been done to make the students feel comfortable to debate and answer questions in English, and due to the Karl Popper format there were tasks and opportunities for all students.
One more day before we say our first farewells – we will meet again in April in Voghera; something to look forward to!
Should you want to read more about our debate, you will find an article on as news of the 13th of February.


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