EEP-bericht | 20-09-2010

Anjo Roos
With a cycling course (or rather a 'how to survive under very difficult circumstances riding on a Dutch bike..course), a poetry tour and a buffet with performances EEP 2010-2011 started this Saturday.
This year we are hosting the Italian students in September and we visit Voghera in March. Our topic is sustainability. On Monday we will practice our debating-skills and visit some outstanding examples of sustainable cityplanning and architecture in Leiden. We will be debating about a solution for the ‘wasteland’ between Socrates, the flats and the mosque and prepare our propositions for the big debate in the City Hall next Wednesday. Tuesday we will get a lecture on windmills in Delft in the ‘Hogeschool’ and we will get an excursion in the very sustainable building of this school. Tuesday afternoon the student will learn more about Dutch History. We will conclude by a debate in the City Hall of Leiden.
If you want to learn more about this, you can visit our blog.

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