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EEP 2017-2018, Voghera | 20-04-2018

Anne Reichart en Kees van Welzen
Eating less meat is sustainable, but how to achieve it? Are electric cars really as sustainable as we think? Can alternative energy resources be a road to a better economic position for poorer countries? Deforestation, desertification, how to prevent these dramatic changes to the landscape - what are we humans doing to the world and to the future of mankind by persisting in our irresponsible behaviour?

These are some of the issues that 46 students are discussing and finding answers to in the final week of the European Educational Project in Voghera. The Catholic University of Piacenza provided us with some interesting food for thought during lectures we attended on Monday. For two years now, they have been offering a complete course in English; SAFE, Sustainable Agriculture for Food quality and Environment.

Of course there is plenty of time to become acquainted with local culture and each other as well. once again we feel the EEP – which is now in its 21st year – is a project worth organising. The students sent in some comments which show this idea is mutual! Kees van Welzen & Anne Reichart

During this week I've had a lot of fun. I loved seeing the Italian people again and I am so happy I got the chance to join this project. We tried to make solutions for the environmental problems and I feel like we came up with some good ones. I also thought that you were really able to get to know the Italian culture because you stayed at a familyhouse.

EEP was voor mij een hele leuke ervaring waarbij ik veel heb geleerd. Toen ze aankwamen in Nederland was het wel even wennen: hun Engels was heel slecht; fietsen konden ze niet; ze wilden niets eten en drinken en ze zeiden niets. Echter hoe verder de week verliep, hoe soepeler alles verliep. Tijdens de week hebben we veel opdrachten gedaan waar ik veel van heb geleerd. Ik ben hierdoor meer bewust geworden van het milieu en daar ben ik erg blij mee. Sara Hoeveel bomen worden er gekapt per jaar? Hoeveel water heb je nodig voor 1 kg vlees? Op beide vragen is het antwoord; veel, maar dan ook veel, meer dan je verwacht! Deze vragen hebben in de twee weken mijn ogen wel geopent en ik gok dat ik niet de enige ben.

EEP begon als een serieus georganiseerde uitwisseling, namelijk dat de Italianen naar Nederland kwamen en we allemaal opdrachten kregen. Nu wij in Italië zijn aangekomen krijgen we ook aardig wat tijd om door een dorpje te lopen, door een kerk te worden rondgeleid of om te eten. Toch is er natuurlijk wel het debat, waar het eigenlijk allemaal om zou draaien, namelijk om sustainability. Door dit project word je wel bewuster over bijv hoeveel water er nodig is voor 1kg vlees en hoeveel mensen daardoor zouden kunnen drinken. Ook krijg je nu te zien hoe de Italianen hier leven, wat ook wel erg leuk is. Kortom; het is een erg leuke uitwisseling en ik zal dit zeker niet vergeten.
Anne Fleur

My palms are sweaty Knees weak temperature is heavy
There is vomit in the air already
Earth’ s spaghetti
We’ re nervous
But on the surface we look calm and ready
To drop oil
But we keep on forgetting
What we wrote down in the climate pact 2012
The very optimistic goals we all set for ourselves
We really need to make it all happen ourselves
Before its too late and we blame it all right onto ourselves
But we’ re still using oil
Our earth we don't spoil
Because were still making use
Of our earths abuse
Still using the black as little little crazy stuff of death
Which causes our temperature to go all mad
And even costs human lives
When war is fought to get a price
But we don’t really care
When we make money somewhere
Do we really want to bring the apocalypse right here
Cuz then I wil be leavin the motherfucking atmosphere
You better lose your gas cars the earth’ s scars the death stars which cause wars
You better fucking let them go
We only have one shot do not miss the chance to blow
Cause its the last chance we got
End of a lifetime
Our souls are escaping
Through the holes that are gaping
But the destroying industries still aren't
Changing a thing
But as we move toward a
New world order
We have a new chance
To quit our ignorance
We have technology
For this green philosofy
But we may not use it all
For a better cause at all
We still use it to fund wars
For fuel for our cars
Which wastes resources and ground
A new life to be found
Start recycling your plastic
Then you are fantastic
Throw it in the trash can
Then you are the real man
Eat less grams of meat
The ecosystems will succeed
So start living different
And gain nature's acceptment
We have a lots of vegetables and fruit
Which are completely natural and taste very good
Then human and animal will live happily after all and the fucking polar bear doesn't die at all

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