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EEP | 12-02-2018

Anne Reichart & Kees van Welzen
Although this year’s EEP –our longest running internationalization project - got off to a good start, it almost ended in tears after the cancellation of the flight of the Italian students back home. The threat of a snow storm upset many students as Friday’s flight was cancelled on Thursday evening. However matters were solved  -  a very early flight was booked for the Saturday morning – and the debate on Friday in our town-hall allowed the week to end with a bang!
When the project started twenty-one years ago, hardly anyone had heard of our topic “Sustainability”, but now the debate was opened by councilor Mr Paul Dirkse, who even has Sustainability in his portfolio! Four sixth form students – Hein, Karim, Phine , Julia -  all participants of the EEP last year, presided the debate expertly and all 45 participants contributed in their own ways. As the four statements were addressed the debate became increasingly more vibrant! 
What a wonderful way to end our week full of a wide variety of assignments. The students learned more about filming  & editing in the EYE, interviewed people who claimed to focus on sustainability as part of their livelihood, did in-depth research and challenged us all to do our bit concerning sustainability during the Seven Days Challenge. Of course they also got to know each other quite well and obviously we are all keen to continue our project & prolong friendships when we continue the exchange in April. 
As I cycled to the station this morning at 4 o ‘clock to say our farewells, I felt sure we could once again look back on a successful time with our students. 

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