Congratulations! | 05-09-2013

Anne Reichart (English Department)
Congratulations are in order for all the ex-fifth formers who passed their CAE exams last June; almost 70 in total! Like last year every participant of the exams passed and can now look forward to doors of European colleges being opened to them more easily!! This year we even had four students try their hand at the CPE (C2) exams  – especially the writing turned out to be quite a challenge but all four did very well; one student even managed to get the top-score of an A!

The next possibility for entering the exams is December 2014 when all sixth form students will get special CAE exam training for three months on top of their English classes. This new approach of teaching the exam programme means that every student will get the opportunity to take a few exam training classes before deciding whether to participate in the CAE exams and complete the exam training. We will keep the present fifth formers informed.

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