CAE: the time has come – the time is now! | 01-12-2011

Ms Anne Reichart (CAE)
Fifth formers who want to participate in this year’s CAE classes can participate in the entry exam held simultaneously at Athena and Socrates on 20 December at 3.25 p.m.. The entry test assesses whether you will be likely to pass the exams in May with four months of extra classes and an hour self-study a week.
There is no need to enroll beforehand; just show up and take the test. Watch the announcement board as to where the tests take place. The results will appear on Its at the end of the Christmas break.
The classes at Socrates are on Monday and at Athena on Wednesday at 4.15 p.m. Socrates classes start in week 2 and Athena classes start in week 4.
More information can be found here. For questions you can also turn to Ms Reichart or Mr Laarhoven

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