CAE candidates of 2010: congratulations! | 15-09-2010

Anne Reichart and Vincent Laarhoven
On September 15th we will have a small celebration to officially hand out the CAE certificates which this year’s candidates worked so hard for! The Cambridge Advanced Exams are part of our gymnasium programme to allow students to enhance their languages and particpate in an international certification programme. Within the European Framework the level is C1.
In January some forty fifth form students opted to take the extra classes on offer. At the end of the period, just before the summer holidays, they could sit their exams in The Hague. What a relief to return from the summer holidays to find everyone had passed! We are very proud of our students and we hope that the certificate will open doors more easily so that they can become true globe trotters in the academic world.

We’d like to congratulate all our CAE students on passing the exams. We are especially pleased to mention that a select group of students even scored an A, which means that Cambridge certifies these students have excelled in all areas of testing. The level they have achieved is C2; the highest level in the European scaling system!

Jan  Brabander - Jennifer Penning -Sophia de Wijer - Elisabeth Dean - Sophie Brouwer - Martijn Severijnen - Roxanne van der Sluijs - Thijs van der Plas - Marten Butter - Thom Almeida – Maartje Sprietsma - Milanne Veldkamp - Pim de Haan all received the certification of excellent, an A!

Of course we are also proud of our other candidates who will be rewarded for their input with a CAE certificate, so congratulations to:
Mark Streeder – Koen Stemerdink – Ida Blom – Thomas Rijntalder – Bert Peters – Emma vd Poest Clement – Olivier Bus – Nathalie Sogtoen – Max ten Have – Abel Hendriks – Victor van Dam – Malaika van Gestel – Emma Boumans – Michiel van Weeren – Maurits Elen – Chantalle van Zanten – Anelotte Janse – Sjoerd Oppenheim – Anna Spaenij – Maxime Kraus – Esther Kohen – Evelien Vermeulen – Tobias Wijvekate – Floris Ferwerda – Sam van der Dunk – Floortje van Sandick – Marc Kramer

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