BLEP 2011 | 09-05-2011

A.Roos / A. Reichart
Fourth formers - almost fifth formers: there’s something to look forward to: NEXT YEAR’S INTERNATIONALISATION PROGRAMMES ARE BEING DISCLOSED!!
Not only is this the time of year to start planning your summer holidays, it’s also the time to apply for an internationalisation programme! Of the three internationalisation programmes which will be available next year, there is one especially for you!
BEP (French - history) and a brand new science programme (English – sciences) will start in fourth form but BLEP (English – drama – history) is meant for fifth formers and the good news is that you can apply for a position as of now!
What are we looking for? We want creative persons, who can improvise, come up with alternative solutions to all sorts of tasks and who are willing to debate with flourish. The partnerschool is a school with bilingual programmes which means the English of the students is good. We will discover life in a former Soviet satellite country as the school is situated in Budapest and of course you get the chance to show off Holland!
In June, week 25, we will meet for the first time and get introduced to the programme. We will start work with the Merchant of Venice – this means you will have accomplished your first task for fifth form even before the new school year is on its way – and match you with your Hungarian partners. Then in September we will prepare for the exchange as the Hungarians are due to arrive at the end of that month. The return visit will be in 2012.
Interested? Write an application letter in English to Ms Roos and Ms Reichart ( / before 12 May , so the deadline is 11 May).You don’t have to be perfect at all the skills that are required – we will perfect those – you just need to have the energy and enthusiasm to participate in this special programme! The Hungarians students can’t wait to meet you and we are both looking forward to start BLEP 2011 / 2012!!

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