Big Wheel Theatre | 12-03-2015

Francine Simons
Last Thursday Big Wheel Theatre came to our school to explain William Shakespeare’s tragedies to the fourth form. Miles and Natalia showed us  how the plays were constructed and they performed scenes from some of the  plays. We didn’t know what to expect exactly, yet It was very entertaining to watch. Our teacher had told us it would be interactive, and it really was.  Some pupils were chosen to play a role in the scenes from the tale of “Pyramus and Thisbe”. Three guys were lucky to play the weird sisters from Macbeth and others attended the banquet. Shakespeare’s tragedies obviously deal with a lot of deaths and killings and we learnt that in every play there is a mysterious force. Some of these forces: a fit of jealous rage or prophecies made by three witches were shown to us in some scenes which they performed. The players did this very enthusiastically and in combination with their English accent it surely gave the plays authenticity. Although the Shakespearean language was sometimes hard to understand, we enjoyed it a lot!

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