Albion's Shores | 14-04-2016

Afra Peetoom
Drinking from a two thousand year old spa, eating inside of a church or hugging a rock? Anything is possible in England. Well at least for tourists it is. The thirty students who travelled there a week ago with the Albion Shores Project could easily notice that.

The project was a cooperation between the subjects English and Classical languages. It focused on the Roman view and influence on Great Britain, as well as the pilgrimage from the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. This was done by reading said tales, having presentations based on either a Latin or Greek text about Great Britain and of course by a four-day trip to Canterbury and Bath.

Besides being educational, it was also a lot of fun. With plenty of free time a day and at least fifteen new faces, it is inevitable to socialize with people and, in that way, make new friends. New bonds have grown between Socrates and Athena. Bonds who will hopefully last longer than these four days and who could be the start for some beautiful friendships.

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