Albion’s Shores | 16-05-2014

Cathelijne van Oijen
A few weeks ago a group of 24 students left the shores of Albion after having visited Canterbury and Bath. The fourth form students visited the famous cathedral in Canterbury and the Roman baths in Bath besides exploring both charming towns. We could eat our sandwiches outside and the punting trip made everybody happy for the weather was lovely – no rain, but a lot of sunshine. Our students had done research on a variety of Latin texts and the Romans in Britain. They presented their findings in pairs, so we heard presentations on topics ranging from why the Roman emperors invaded Britain to how the Roman baths worked. Add to that some promising theatrical performances, a romp through a flowery meadow and great stays at the Youth hostels. Some of us bravely tried the English breakfast, which some enjoyed enough to have seconds. Most of us had fish & chips at least once and we all had a great time!

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